Cassava for Twins

The Yoruba tribe in West Africa has the highest rate of twinning in the world. A study concluded that the mother’s diet was the cause, being high in Cassava. The peelings and roots of this vegetable contain a chemical that causes hyper-ovulation. This is the same method that is used by prescription drugs to increase the chances of twins and overall fertility.

Many people are looking for how to have twins naturally.  Our Cassava supplement is a welcome, all natural alternative to drugs. Your chance of conceiving twins goes up by 10% after the first month alone!  Your chances greatly increase to get pregnant with twins using  our Forever Blessed Cassava supplement.


Cassava is an all natural supplement. It does not matter if you are taking hormones or prescription drugs at the same time. It also does not matter what time of the month you start to take the supplement. Cassava supplements have had no reported side effects.

The Yoruba tribe described as having the highest percent chance of twins in the world eat the whole Cassava plant everyday. It is a staple of their diet.

Forever Blessed supplement is concentrated powdered Whole Cassava. Since the Yoruba people eat the entire Cassava plant they get about 900mg of the peelings and root per day.

Our product is made to replicate exactly that, 900mg per pill of concentrated powdered Whole Cassava.

The longer the supplement is taken the greater the chance of twins, with the maximum chances of twins being reached after 10 months. That percent chance is added to whatever natural chances you already have. (The normal rate of twins is about 1 in every 32 births or 3.1% chance.) After taking Natural Cassava supplement your chances can reach 50% or more!


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