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Learn about how Cassava Supplement can help you have twins.

Q & A’s:

Can I take these products while I am on other fertility drugs like ‘Clomid’?

Cassava has no negative interactions with any known drug.

How long will it take for me to become pregnant?

This answer is different for every woman. Our product increases the likelihood of twins and increases overall fertility, but we cannot predict how long it will take you to become pregnant. (see testimonials for more info)


How long will this product take to arrive?

The shipping time is usually 3-5 business days for the USA 5-10 days for Canada, and about 2 weeks internationally.


What are the side effects of these pills?

There have been no reported side effects.


Can I increase my chances of having twins by taking your product if I am already pregnant?

No. Once pregnancy has occurred the hyper-ovulation state that these products induce will not increase the chances of twins.


Is it possible to become pregnant with more than twins with these products?


The products are meant to induce hyper-ovulation. This means that instead of
the ovaries releasing 1 egg per month during ovulation they can release up to
6.This increases the chance of fertilization of at least 1 egg; however twins
are the most likely.


What are the exact chances of becoming pregnant with twins while taking this product?

The exact percentage depends on genetics and heredity. The overall likelihood of twining is increased substantially. 


Is there cyanide in Cassava?

No. There is no cyanide in the type of Cassava that is used in this supplement.





The normal rate of twins is about 1 in every 32 births or 3.1% chance.

Cassava is an all natural supplement. It doesn’t matter if you are taking hormones or prescription drugs with it. It also doesn’t matter what time of the month you start to take it.

The African Tribe described as having the highest percent chance of twines in the world eats the Cassava root EVERYDAY. It is a staple of there diet.
Our supplement is concentrated Whole Cassava. Since the tribe eats the entire Cassava plant they get about 900mg of the substance that increases the chances of twins each day.

Our product is made to replicate exactly that, 900mg per pill of concentrated powdered Whole Cassava.

Examples of real women
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