Commonly Asked Questions and Answers


Is there research to support gonadotropin and Cassava for help with twins and ovulation?

Yes. You can see discussion on the link between cassava and twins at


Can I take these products while I am taking other drugs?

Yes. Because our Cassava supplement is derived from a natural food source, and not a chemical source, it is gentle on the system, and has had no known drug interaction issues to date.


Can I take Birth Control and Cassava at the same time?

We do not suggest taking them at the same time. Cassava increases your fertility, while contraceptives are trying to decrease it.  You may end up pregnant before you would like, if they are taken together.
Try to stay calm though all of this. Hormonal birth control can take up to 12 months to completely leave your system and for your body to get back to its normal cycle.
You may be able to get pregnant 1 month after going off birth control, but because most women still have some residual birth control in there system, getting pregnant right away can lead to a very unpleasant pregnancy (extra morning sickness, super weight gain, hemorrhoids) or miscarriage.
If you are taking hormonal birth control we suggest going off of it for at least 6 months before trying to become pregnant. You can start taking cassava as soon as you go off the birth control, but we suggest using non-hormonal forms of birth control (such as condoms and an ovulation tracker) during that time.
After 6 months of being free of hormonal birth control and having taken cassava during that time your body will be at peak fertility and ready to have a great, healthy pregnancy.


How long will it take for me to become pregnant?

This answer is different for every woman. Our product increases the likelihood of twins and increases overall fertility, but we cannot predict how long it will take you to become pregnant. (see testimonials for more info)


What time of day do I take it?

Cassava supplement is taken once per day. The time of day doesn’t make any difference, but you should try to take it at the same time everyday regardless of what time that is for consistency. Since cassava builds up in the system over time and has cumulative effects you should take the cassava everyday, including during your period and ovulation.


When to start taking Cassava Supplement

There is no specific time to start taking cassava. Some sites claim that you should start taking Cassava at a certain point during your cycle, but this is misinformation and is incorrect. Because Cassava needs to be taken for at least 1 month before there will be any effects on fertility it does not matter when in your cycle you start taking Cassava. We suggest you start taking Cassava as soon as you get it.


What if I miss a pill?

If you miss a single day of taking cassava don’t worry, since the Cassava builds up in your system over time missing a single does will not decrease the effects. As long as you don’t miss over 3 days in a row, you will not lose any of the effects of the Cassava.


Can it take this while I am breastfeeding?

Cassava has no known side effects to date. It has not been shown to have any complications while breastfeeding. Because Cassava is a tuber related to the sweet potato it is very mild and easily digestible and it does not cross the mammary gland into the breast milk.


New Cassava Color?

We have recently switched to a more concentrated formula for the ‘Cassava Ultra Fine’ product! Since we have switched to the Cassava Ultra Fine, the supplement is processed differently and has a different color as a result be and the new product is white in color because of the high concentration of distilled Cassava.

The new capsules are slightly (2mm) smaller and the powder is concentrated Cassava, rather than the dried and powdered cassava that we used to use.

The entire cassava plant (tubers and roots) are super heated to activate the phytoestrogens in the plant, they are then pressed and distilled via steam reduction. The result is a concentrated form of cassava that isolates the active ingredients for hyper-ovulation.

This formula has been shown to be more effective than the unconcentrated Cassava and the chances of twins with the new pills are actually highly  increased over the previous formula.


Can Cassava Help PCOS?

Cassava does not help treat the underlying cause of PCOS. But it does raise your own natural fertility in spite, of the PCOS.
You can think of PCOS as bringing down your overall fertility because of the specific problems it causes. Cassava, on the other hand raises the bodies total fertility and helps the natural ovulation process.
How much the cassava will help overcome the effects of PCOS specifically are different for each person depending on the degree of severity of the PCOS. However, we can tell you that we have had many success stories of women with previous PCOS issues that have had trouble conceiving in the past and now have healthy babies after taking cassava supplement.


Blue Bottle or Green Bottle?

Some women have asked about the color of the bottle being different. Sometimes they get a blue bottle when they order and sometimes they get a green bottle. This is simply due to which warehouse sends the shipment to you. The label and pills are exactly the same but the bottle could be either color


Is it safe to take with wild yam supplement?

The answer is yes, it is safe to take with that supplement.
However the yam supplement does not increase fertility in any significant way. It is a cheaper product, but it provides only about 0.012% of the fertility boost that the new Cassava Ultra Fine does.


Is there cyanide in cassava?

There is no cyanide in this type of Cassava. There are several types of cassava. We use Ultra Fine Cassava which contains absolutely no cyanide. so there is no danger of ingesting cyanide using our product.
Other products that use regular, sweet, or wild, varieties of cassava, can contain cyanide, but the species of cassava we use does not contain any cyanide. Like mushrooms cassava comes in many different types. Some types can contain cyanide and some do not contain any cyanide at all, at any time. Our variety of cassava does not contain any cyanide ever, even when raw.


I have read on the Internet that I should take Cassava only while ovulating. Is this true?

Incorrect. Things posted on the internet are very rarely correct. Especially from anecdotal experience’s (such as pregnancy sites).
Out Cassava can be taken right away, at any time during your cycle. It should be taken once per day. It should also be taken for 30 full days before it starts to work and 6 months before the full effect is reached.
There is no correct time to take Cassava. It should be started as soon as you start trying to conceive.


How long will this product take to arrive?

The shipping time is usually 3-5 business days for the USA, 5-10 days for Canada, and about 3 weeks internationally.


What are the side effects of these pills?

There have been no reported side effects.


Will my weight change/mood change when I take this product?

The cassava supplement does effect the length of ovulation. However is does not effect the hormones responsible for mood or weight. The cassava itself is subtle. it would be like adding 1 sweet potato to your diet each day. Women’s hormone levels and weight do fluctuate when they are trying to get pregnant for several reasons.  This first and most likely reason is, they have stopped taking the birth control they have been taking for years. This can cause massive shifts in weight, mood, and periods for most women while their body’s adjust to make their own natural hormones.


Do you use the whole cassava plant including the roots and peelings?

Yes. Each pill contains the whole cassava plant including the roots. Each pill is the equivalent of eating one whole cassava each day.


Can I increase my chances of having twins by taking your product if I am already pregnant?

No. Once pregnancy has occurred the hyper-ovulation state that these products induce will not increase the chances of twins.


If I take more than one pill per day will it increase my chances of twins?

You can take more pills per day, but it will not improve the chances of twins or have twice the effect.
The cassava is most effective with a 500mg per day dose. When the dose goes above 900mg there doesn’t seem to be any evidence that the ovulation rate increases with it. The ovulation peaks with 500mg of cassava. You could ingest much more than that per day but it will not have any extra ovulation or twinning effects.


Is it possible to become pregnant with more than twins with these products?

The products are meant to induce hyper-ovulation. This means that instead of the ovaries releasing 1 egg per month during ovulation they can release up to 6. This increases the chance of fertilization of at least 1 egg; however twins are the most likely. 


I just found out I am pregnant. Could the Cassava I have been taking harm the baby?

Cassava is a natural drug-free supplement, it is made directly from the Cassava plant which is in the sweet potato family and classified as a food, not a drug. Cassava does not cross the placental barrier and Cassava will not have any effect once you are pregnant and it is not harmful to the baby. But we do recommend you stop taking Cassava once you are pregnant because there are no benefits to taking Cassava while pregnant.


What are the exact chances of becoming pregnant with twins while taking this product?

The exact percentage depends on genetics and heredity. The overall likelihood of twining is increased substantially.


How long after being off the birth control pills can I start on this supplement?   In the meantime do you suggest me keeping those pills in the fridge?

The cassava should be stored in a cool dry place. We do not suggest keeping it in the refrigerator because the supplement can get too moist. The shelf life of cassava is 3 years, so you don’t have to worry about it losing its potency.

You can start taking the Cassava Supplement the day you stop taking birth control. Some women wait 30 days after stopping birth control to start taking cassava, but it is up to you.

The cassava will continuously build up levels in your blood stream for the first 6 months. After that you are at ‘peak’ meaning your chance of conceiving twins is the highest.

Many women make the mistake that this means that after 6 months of use the effectiveness goes down, this is incorrect. After 6 months of use the cassava reaches its peak levels in your blood and stays at that level until the cassava is no longer taken, or menopause is reached.


My Period has changed since I started taking Cassava, what is happening?

In most women cassava has no effect on period length, but it can lengthen the ovulation. In some women this can cause periods to be 29-30 days instead of every 28 days.The usual cause of period irregularity in women trying to conceive are the following

1. Birth control: Women trying to conceive go off hormonal birth control (The Pill, Patch, Ring, The Shot, and IUD). The hormonal    birth control has regulated you’re cycle and going off of it can change your period for up to 1 YEAR. Some women have normal periods the first few months off birth control because the artificial hormones are still in their system for months after they stop taking them.

2. New vitamins: While trying to get pregnant many women start taking a multi-vitamins, folic acid, and other minerals. The extra vitamins have been known to cause period irregularities.

3. More sex: Sex releases body hormones and sperm softens the cervix. More frequent sex can cause period irregularities.

4. Different Foods: Eating better foods, like more vegetables, and organic products; and cutting out the junk food does cause your period to change. Some women experience heavier flows, while others may get lighter ones. Some women my get longer periods and others may get shorter periods.

Bottom Line: Don’t panic. Most women see changes in there cycles in some form when trying to get pregnant.There are a lot of changes to a women’s body once they begin to try for a baby. Hormones, sex, food, and vitamins all play a role in determining period length and flow, as well as ovulation time.

Most period and ovulation changes start happening about 2 months after a women starts trying to get pregnant and will regulate back to normal after about 6 months. Some women will experience changes for up to a year, if they have been taking hormonal birth control.

Remember that these changes are temporary and that most women will experience them at some point while trying to conceive.


Do I need to take folic acid separately or does this contain it

The Cassava supplement is 100% Cassava. It does not contain folic acid and we do not recommend any supplement which mixes the two.

Because of its acidic nature, folic acid will deteriorate the Cassava if they are mixed together in the same capsule. We understand some manufacturers put them together, but this is not a good practice and will reduce the potency of the Cassava. These companies are fly by night operations trying to capitalize on Cassava products and do not understand the actual science of Cassava.

It is fine to take Cassava and folic acid together, But any supplement that has folic acid in the same pill with Cassava the Cassavas effectiveness will be reduced.

The effectiveness of the Cassava will NOT be reduced if you take folic acid with Cassava, only if the folic acid and Cassava are in the same pill.

We recommend taking one prenatal vitamin per day along with a collagen supplement (to build collagen before pregnancy so you can reduce the chances of stretch marks once you become pregnant).


Is this product real? I have read some bad reviews, are they real?

Yes. The product is very real.  Cassava Twins has been in business since 1999 and helped thousands of women get pregnant. The recent so called ‘fake reviews’ have been from new competitors. These fly-by-night companies that are selling fake cassava supplements and are never around very long. We will continue to sell only the finest organic whole powdered cassava supplement and let our continued business and results speak for themselves.

We understand. The internet is full of people claiming they know what they are talking about but really have no idea, that’s why we only hire experts.
We have been making Cassava Supplement for over 15 years. We are the only company to be fully accredited and product purity verified.
In the last 2 years other Cassava companies have come onto the market with sub-par products and very bad marketing tactics, such as leaving fake negative reviews on mommy blogs and seller sites such as Amazon to increase their own product sales.
This leaves a lot of confusion and doubt among people just looking for a good product. If you have questions about the products, most will be answered by reading this Q&A page, but if you need further assistance please feel free to contact us anytime.



Statistical numbers on getting pregnant with twins

The normal rate of twins is 1 out of every 320 births or a 0.32% chance.

Cassava is an all-natural supplement. It doesn’t matter if you are taking hormones or prescription drugs with it. It doesn’t matter what time of the month you start to taking it.

The results are cumulative. Your percent chance of hyper ovulation increases each month the longer you take it. With peak chances at 50% chance of twins after the product has been taken for 6 months or longer.

The African tribe described as having the highest percent chance of twines in the world eats the Cassava root everyday. It is a staple of there diet.

Our supplement is concentrated Whole Cassava. Since the tribe eats the entire Cassava plant they get about 500mg of the substance that increases the chances of twins each day.

Our product is made to replicate exactly that: 500mg per pill of concentrated powdered Whole Cassava.

Contact information

Questions are answered within 24 hours

Most of our customers have done extensive research into Cassava. They know they want to purchase cassava supplement and they understand that our company is the best because of our more than 15 years in business, reliability of our product, and the quality of the whole organic cassava that is used. Cassava Twins does not offer phone support at this time. In order to offer phone support the cost of each bottle of Cassava Supplement would have to be raised $2.00 per bottle. We know that our Cassava Supplement is a fantastic product and we don’t want to charge unnecessary fees to our customers.