Testimonials about our Cassava Supplements

 Read these great testimonies about using Cassava to conceive twins!



Thank you Forever Blessed. Now I am the one that is Forever Blessed. I am 28 and have had no problems with fertility, however I only wanted to go through the madness of pregnancy once. Thanks to 5 months on your ‘Ultra Fertility’ supplement I won’t have to. I am pregnant with a boy and a girl and couldn’t be happier.

Emily, Lansing, Michigan


I am 42 and have been trying to get pregnant for 4 years. I have been using your product for the past 3 months and discovered, to my delight, last week that I am pregnant! I am not sure yet if it is twins. I will send you an email of my first Ultra Sound. Thank You so much and god bless.

Mary Anne, Ohio


I have taken Clomid for years with no result. I ordered your product 2 months ago and am happy to report I am already pregnant. Thank you.   Jennifer, Sacramento, California

Follow up: “I had my three month check up today and discovered I’m having a boy and a girl. This is a big shock, but such good news. I have been trying to get pregnant for so long I had given up the hope of having a large family and resigned myself to just have one. This is the very best news I have ever gotten. On behalf of my future family, thank you.



“I just wanted to thank you so so so MUCH. I’ve been trying to get pregnant for years. I have been taking your product everyday for five months and just found out today I am pregnant!! I don’t know yet if its twins, but I don’t care. I’m so happy right now I could burst. Thank you so much!     Hennretta, Florida



“I’M PREGNANT!!, I’m pregnant, I’m pregnant!! that’s all I can keep saying.  I have been trying for a family for years and finally, thanks to Cassava, I’M PREGNANT!!       Charlottle, Arizona



There is nothing more important to me than family, I have always wanted a large family, but after complications with my son it didn’t look like I would be able to have any more. I tried your product on a whim because my sister had gotten pregnant using your organic Cassava supplement just a few months ago.  And now I have a Daughter due in May. Thank you so much, this is the best moment.    Tish, San Diego



I have been on hormones and injections for the past 8 months and I am done with them. All the side effects made me so sick and moody, I hated it.
I’m going all natural and stopping all this hormone nonsense. Trust me, hormones suck, the injections, the expense, the side effects, it’s just not worth it. I got off the drugs and started taking this pill. I cannot tell you how much better I feel. My overall emotions have gone up and knowing that I’m not pumping chemicals into my body on a daily basis anymore.                Angela, VT



I have read good reviews about this cassava supplement. I like that its organic and that I only have to take 1 pill per day, as opposed to my other fertility drugs that I have to Inject twice a day. I am taking both Clomid and Cassava at the same time. My doctor said it was fine to take together and whatever I can do to increase my chances of twins I’ll take.                           Charlotte, Boston MA



This stuff works well. I got pregnant so fast it was amazing. I really like the product and would buy it again if I needed it.                Sarah, Madison WI



I never thought it would work so well, and so quickly. I was impatient and it felt like 3 months was such a long time while I was taking the pills but now that I am pregnant it seems like it was no time at all.    Jessica, Miami



Pregnancy has been a long journey for me. This Cassava supplement worked for me when every other product on the market (including prescription fertility medication) couldn’t. I would recommend it for anyone.      Reese, Washington DC



I like this product because it is organic and I only have to take 1 pill per day. I really hate taking pills and only having to take 1 is so great.        Alicia, London UK

I just ordered this like 5 seconds ago. My sister bought some 2 years ago and got pregnant right away. So i am really excited to get it and to start trying to get pregnant again.                Megan, SC

So after seeing the TV special called ‘land of twins’ a few months ago and seeing how eating Cassava every day can bring the chance of twins up to 50% I had to have some. Unfortunately I didn’t find the Cassava pills until recently.
In order to get the same amount of Cassava I was eating about 1 pound of cassava everyday. (Cassava is ok but I prefer potatoes.) I am so happy I found this instead. And then on top of all that I saw on the bottle after I ordered it that it comes from Organic cassava. That’s so great.         Tiyon,  Green Bay, WI


My sister is a doctor and I asked her if it was the same thing as eating the cassava and she said that it was. Apparently the drying and distilling process takes a bunch of Cassava and reduces it down until you get this magic little pill that saves me from having to eat cassava 3 times a day. Super cool.       Latoya, San Diego


I am from Nigeria where we have a really high rate of twins and I wanted to be able to have them. I used to eat cassava when I was little and I know it helps with fertility.   Natasha, New York



I bought it and it worked really well, really fast. Increased my ovulation time by 2 days. Easy to use with no side effects. Nice!   Ling, Greenville NC


I ordered this on Tuesday night and got it Thursday morning. Really fast shipping. Hopefully the results will be just as fast!    Jasmine, Detroit Michigan


Took the pills for 6 months straight and I got pregnant. The surprise was it was with triplets! Apparently the longer you take this stuff the higher the chances of twins. I knew triplets were a possibility, but I didn’t really think about it. I probably should have thought about it more. Don’t get me wrong I am super happy to be pregnant; and I did want twins, but triplets might be tough. Thank god my husband works from home, because he is about to become a house-husband, big time.      Alyssa, Salem Mass.


There is nothing better than a product that works like it is supposed to. I have been taking Forever Blessed Cassava Supplement for 4 months and I am pregnant. I hope it’s twins.    Cynthia, AK


It worked for me and I have always had trouble conceiving, but just a couple of months on this and my doctor says my fertility has gone way up. So I should be pregnant soon.      Lola, Jackson Mississippi


I had a really hard time conceiving my son so I thought it would be equally as hard or maybe harder to get pregnant again. I am 5 years older than before and am about at the point when my fertility should be going way down. I just remember 2 years of trying and heartache with my son. I decided to try again, but only a little. Just try out a few natural things before I saw my Ob/gyn and started down the long road again. Its been three months and I went to my OB a week ago to start the testing all over again. She called today and said I didn’t need to come back in for fertility issues but I would need to come in for my first PREGNANCY follow-up. I am so happy there aren’t words. I really hope it’s a girl this time.      Jade, Tampa FL



I’ve always wanted twins. I was a twin so I know there is a good chance of me having a set of my own. I bought this because I don’t want to leave it to chance. I’m using genetics and science.    Neusa, Puerto Rico



I used cassava in the past. I tried to eat tons of it from the actual plant. It didn’t work. I was stuffing myself with cassava and I didn’t realize that I could just buy a really condensed pill form. This is so much easier.     Juana, NM



I used this cassava forever ago to get pregnant with my daughters. I never left a review before, but I should have. It worked great. I got pregnant with my daughters after a few months and we have been a happy family ever since.   Njava, Freetown, South Africa



Thanks Cassava Twins, you really worked for me. I love your product. I used your stuff several years ago to get pregnant with my first set of twins and I’m ordering again 4 years later to try for another set. I will cross my fingers it works just as well the second time as it did the first.    Kristin, Kansas City, KS



I have purchased 6 of these bottles over the past few months. They all arrived really fast. I was hoping to be pregnant right away. I heard some women got pregnant after the first month. But now i am really glad i waited. Apparently this stuff gets stronger the longer you take it, and now I am 3 months along with TWINS. I am so happy, I really wanted twins.     Claudia, Auburndale



Most people seem to get this product because they want twins, but they forget that Cassava is great for overall fertility as well. I don’t care if I have twins but at age 40 I could use some help getting pregnant and this, for me was the best choice. The fact that it is organic, that it only has to be taken once a day, and that it is so concentrated I just take the 1 pill per day. Plus the fact that the alternative would be Rx medications that would cost thousands of dollars and include several visits to a fertility specialist.    Julianna , Phoenix



I took this supplement 90 days before attempting to get pregnant as well as the first couple month during pregnancy. I’m astounded to say it worked for me. My husband and I were able to have the twins we always dreamed about. I couldn’t be a happier mother. Since than, I’ve recommended the Cassava supplement to all of my friends who are hoping to have twins as well. This was a real godsend for our family.    Simone, Ontario Canada



I’m taking this supplement on the advice of a friend who had great success with it. She took it several months before trying to get pregnant in the hopes of having twin baby girls. Not only was she lucky enough to get the twins she had dreamed up, she was also lucky enough to have two girls. I’m hoping for the same results and have just started using this product myself.     Elena, Austin Texas

1 month

Cassava: 1 Month Supply


This product is made directly from the Cassava plant. There are no additives, just pure organic powdered Cassava.

Directions: Take 1 capsule daily to induce hyperovulation. This will increase overall fertility and dramatically increase the chances of twins.